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Getting Retirement Ready

Our entire program is built upon helping investors manage their retirement funds based on their risk acceptance level, time horizon, and other important factors.

CBIZ InR Advisory Services strives to achieve success by bringing the same institutional approach used in large pension management to individual investors. Academic research has shown that a proper asset allocation strategy accounts for 90% of your return.* CBIZ InR has concentrated on developing risk-based models ranging from conservative to aggressive that will provide probable expected returns over time. This is extremely important when investors are making decisions based on the projected returns of the models. This same academic research has shown that using low-cost passive or index investments from firms such as Vanguard® is more likely to lead to expected returns.

The first step in this process is to answer the CBIZ InR risk assessment questionnaire by clicking the link to the right. Answering these questions will provide us with a blueprint for what your retirement can look like based on your current retirement savings, the risk you want to take, when you want to retire, and how much money you will need to live the lifestyle you want after you stop working.

If you are interested in working with CBIZ InR, please contact us at 1-877-InR-1733 to schedule an appointment to set up a Traditional or Roth IRA using our process or contact us.

* Source: “Determinants of Portfolio Performance”, Brinson, Hood, Beebower, Financial Analysts Journal, July/August 1986. Updated in Financial Analyst Journal, May/June 1991 and “Abstract: Sources of Portfolio Performance – The enduring importance of Asset Allocation” Vanguard Investment Counseling & Research 2006